Hytale Beta Sign-Up

Published 1 year(s) ago by The Hytale Servers

Hytale Beta Sign Up

How to sign up for the beta of Hytale

So perhaps you have read some articles and watched some videos about Hytale and how amazing it is going to be. And perhaps you want to be among the first people to try it out! If that is that is the case then you are in luck because all you have to do is to simply sign up for the beta version of Hytale and we will walk you through this process in this article.

First of all you to go to the official website of Hytale and find the beta sign-up button which in the time of writing this article is located on the right top of the screen and right in the middle of home page right below the text saying "A world of adventure and creativity". Simply click on that button and you will find yourself in the beta sign-up page which you could also access by clicking here - beta sign up

Once you are on that page simply input your email address(put a real one as this is the place where you will get the invitation to the beta once it opens up) on which you wish to receive Hytale News & Updates about the game and after that click the big blue "Sign Up" button below. And that is it, if you were able to complete this steps then congratulations you have now been officialed signed up for the beta of Hytale. I hope you found this walkthrough helpful!

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