Hytale character customization

Published 2 year(s) ago by The Hytale Servers
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Customizing a character to your liking has always been an awesome feature Minecraft offered. In this article you will find out more about how the Hytale team improved upon this design.

Hytale character customization allows players to select from a variety of body options, hairstyles, and items of clothing. The developers are seeking to provide the ability to express yourself in a variety of styles, from modern dress to costumes and adventure mode-inspired fantasy attire. Previously, creating a new color variation for an asset - such as a piece of clothing - meant creating a brand new texture. When you changed your hair color from black to blue, for example, you effectively replaced the entire texture being applied to the hair model. This system was functional, but it massively inflated the amount of textures needed while ultimately limiting how many options they could be offered to players. They have since implemented a new system called gradient mapping. This effectively splits up any given in-game asset into three components:

The model, which determines the fundamental shape of the item.
The texture, which can now incorporate grayscale areas to tell the game engine where to apply color variations.
A color gradient file, selected from a shared pool of files, which tells the game which color to apply to the area designated in the texture.