Hytale Weapons and Battle system

Published 12 month(s) ago by The Hytale Servers
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Hytale Weapons and Battle system

Have you ever imagined wielding something more than just a plain sword, to throw something more than just snowballs or hooks when you played Minecraft? Read this short article to learn about what the Hytale team has prepared for us.

We will begin with the weapons. Unlike Minecraft, Hytale has a wide variety of weapon choices such as daggers, clubs, axes, cleavers, shields to name a few. Each of those weapons will feel different when equiped on your character. Some have shorter range than others, some deal more damage but all feel unique gameplay wise. Let's not forget the long ranged weapons as well. Bows, crossbows, spears, magical wands, staffs. Yea, you heard that right. The Vanilla Hytale offers you to be a wizard when wielding a wand or a staff. You will be able to learn quite a few spells while you venture into the vast world of the game.

A few short clips were shown earlier this year which showed a bit of the battling aspects of the game. When we interviewed an employee from the company staff he explained that one of the most important things they felt mattered most was making the authentic feel and sound of the thrown object. Stereo panning can now be applied to sound effects on an item-by-item basis, making weapon swings more immersive by reflecting the directional movement of the weapon in the audio itself.

Physics systems and immersive audio help in adding depth and tactility to your actions, and over time these small details add up to a much more believable world. When asked what kind of things we will be able to throw the employee replied with the following “Spears, tomatoes, shurikens but there is one that truly stands out. I want to leave it as a surprise but what can I say it is kinda shitty, pun intended.” Afterwards the topic continued with object collision and soon it became clear that Hytale developers are putting in the hard work. Some of the objects may break, collide or bounce off each other instead.

The conversation finished with both of us acknowledgind that both of us are looking forward to the game release.