10 Hytale Blocks that will impact gameplay

Published 8 month(s) ago by The Hytale Servers

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10 Hytale Blocks that will impact gameplay

Number 1 ; Sideways slabs

First let;s start with half blocked slabs which are known to everyone, but the way they can be placed on surfaces has been altered in Hytale. We see these scattered throughout a; bunch of game footage and structures, both interior and exterior uses alike. They really help with that crumbling effect or the more structural padding that helps provide the house with shape. The plethora of pallets, potential styles and aesthetics is greatly increased with these sideways block with so many more possibilities when constructing your perfect Hytale home.

Number 2 ; Log branches

Trees will act a bit differently in Hytale. While we won’t be able to punch wood, we will be able to create; an axe from stones on the ground, more on those later. This can then be used to chop trees down to gather wood including the thin branches that appear on pretty much every tree. The size of the log blocks creates a more realistic looking tree line. We’ve seen that we’ll be able to use these log branches in a number of ways ; from chopping them in a saw mill to structural frameworks and exterior decoration.

Number 3 ; Log spikes

Most likely carved from the log branches we just mentioned, these blocks suggest a sharpening mechanism.

Number 4 ; Roof variants

There is no doubt that with more than just stairs and horizontal slabs general build possibilities will exponentially increase. Housing will become a lot more intuitive and customized with the ability to work with slanted roof tiles, differently angled blocks and high articulation throughout adding a sophistication to buildings that not many players have seen before unless using high-end mods

Number 5 ; Leaves

The leaves of Hytale will take a less blocky form and appear more natural overall. Leaves will sway in the wind though question remains how would the fire spread look and work.

Number 6 ; Farming carts

We’ve seen these workstation type blocks scattered; around multiple images. Clearly you are going to need one of these if you ever hope to cultivate a decent crop farm. Seemingly it can hold a watering can, a pitchfork and some hay.

Number 7 ; Throwable stones

These will surely be one of the first blocks we actually get in adventure mode. ;Acting as a projectile weapon and a crafting material who knows what potential items you will be able to forge.

Number 8 ; Chest variants

When it comes to storage Hytale doesn’t hold back. We’ve seen regular chests locked, golden loot chests hidden deep down in dungeons and ocean depth. There are some larger storage containers too all pointing to the idea that this game intends to provide a lot of versatility; when it comes to managing your items.

Number 9 ; Elemental crystals

While elusive and mysterious these strange artifact blocks will most likely be used to harness the magic powers of Orbis and play a key part in the story progression of adventure more. Whether they will act as a source or more as a simple decoration once collected remains to be seen.

Number 10 ; Torches and light sources

Torches have a lot of variations and themes on the lights source blocks. We see single candles, groups of candles, lanterns, tike torches, gothic torches, even special blocks that emit light such as the green fire. Hytale will also provide a mastery over color and lighting the likes of which we only just seen in the ray tracing update of Minecraft.