The Scorched Ruins

Published 2 year(s) ago by The Hytale Servers
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The Scorched Ruins

Today we will be delving straight into the lore and mysteries behind the Scorched ruins. Some of the information which will be presented is just a fun speculation. Now without further a do let us begin.

For those who don't know what the Scorched ruins is - that is an area/biome of zone 4 which is seemingly abandoned but was once a thriving village. The place itself is most likely called like that due to the fact that everything is extremely dry, dead and drained of life. Pretty much everything is lacking in moisture. This ties in well as we know the surface of zone 4 is burnt and completely uninhabitable but that may not have been always the case in that particular biome.  We may very well note that zone 1 is the opposite of zone 4. The theory about the fourth biome is that something completely drained the life of it which caused a crippling effect to the ecosystem causing some sort of biological catastrophe resulting in everything to be flipped upside down and may very well have some connection to the void or Varun's magic. From the official released images of the game there is some evidence to suggest that the Scorched ruins is on the barrier between zones 3 and 4. We also know that in zone 3 there is a Verena magic worshipping cult which conjures curses and wild magic called - the Outlanders. It is highly likely that willingly or not the Outlanders  had a huge role in destroying the fourth biome. 

The official information Hytale released is quite limited. Here is what the Hytale team had to say.

"The world team has been hard at work on new biomes, prefabs, and world generation rules. These new environments come from parts of adventure mode that we've not yet discussed in much detail.

As ever, we're mindful of spoilers, so we're only going to be revealing a small amount of what you'll encounter in the latter stages of the game. Today, let's take a look at some desolate human ruins created by technical artist Roddan. Clearly, something went very wrong in these ashen wastelands. The torches are still burning, but there's nobody around.Some ruins conceal hidden dangers, while others house lost lore." As for exactly what, well, you'll need to dive in and find for yourself.