What is Hytale?

Published 9 month(s) ago by The Hytale Servers

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Taking a look at Hytale

Hytale is an upcoming game which is being developed by the Hypixel team with the support of the company Riot Games which is famous for creating one of the most popular video games of our time - League of Legends. The fact that two huge companies are coming together to build something brand new is simply amazing for the gaming fans because as we have seen throughout the years these company truly know how to make great games.

About The Game

Hytale is expected to support everything from block-by-block construction to custom scripts created by the community. While you explore the vastness of the world you would stumble upon a wide variety of content – wizard towers overrun with hideous creatures, descend into an underground cave or battle against a big Yeti. To add up, the game offers a wide variety of playstyles. From playing as a settler, craftsperson or adventurer, you will definetly find a lot of astonishing things throughout your play. When exploring the diverse biomes, different monsters will attack you and test what you are made of.

As much as the developers are making the game very adventure and exploration focused they also have a thing for all of you PvP and event lovers as Hytale is said to feature a vast majority of minigames. Powerful tools that give minigame creators more freedom than ever are also set to be included!

A quote from the Official Hytale Website:

"We’ve been creating the most popular minigames around for over five years. Whether you’re a current Hypixel player, a returning fan, or entirely new to the world of minigames, Hytale is designed to offer the best possible experience for both players and creators."

The team also said that the game will also be pretty competetitive focused and have promised that they will include powerful anti-cheat system to prevent players from gaining any unfair advantage. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that players will have complete control over camera position, game assets, and basic mechanics.

The players will have complete control over camera position, basic mechanics and game assest. Finally the most important thing perhaps is that the game has its custom game engine designed for top performance on a wide range of PCs.