Will Hytale be free to play?

Published 1 year(s) ago by The Hytale Servers
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Will Hytale be free to play?

Ever since Hytale was announced, people have been wondering if the game is going to be a onetime buy like Minecraft or free to play.

Certainly there are positives and negatives to having a pay to play game. Now let’s dive right in!

Pay to play games can always be a gamble. If there isn’t a constant flow of purchases, the company may struggle to keep itself on the market. On the other hand this way we will know for sure that it won’t be a pay to win type of scenario that a lot of free games live on.

When asked if it is going to be free to play or not the Hytale team responded with “We're still finalizing the exact details of the business model. When that's done, we'll share more details!

This opens the possibility that Hytale may also choose the free to play business model. This however may not be the best option if the micro transactions end up being pay to win. Luckily, Riot Games now have ownership which could be great because they are known for a great free to play system used in League of Legends which is supported through customizing your character (aesthetic).

Other micro-transactions which they may choose to do:

  • Concept simillar to Minecraft’s Realms
  • In-built server hosting
  • Server promotion

Whatever business model they choose, Hytale surely won’t disappoint!